Big Bucks Car Removal Services Perth

At Big Bucks Car Removal, we specialise in offering a range of car removal services in all over Perth. We purchase just any kind of car in any condition, without any regards to the year, make & model or whether or not it is operable.

We make it easy for Perth residents to get rid of all the cars that have been dotting their driveways simply because they are completely stalled or are Unwanted, Wrecked, Smashed & even Salvaged! Sell your car to us and receive:

  • Instant Cash for Car offer up to $10,000 to be paid on the spot
  • Free paperwork completed by our staff
  • Free Car Removal
  • Eco-friendly Car Dismantling & Recycling

If you have such or any other kind of unwanted car and want to receive top dollars for it, call 0404 401 666.

With the experience & reputation we have in Perth, we have the versatility to offer a range of car removal services. They include the following:

    • Cash for Cars – we offer top cash for all types of used or unwanted cars. The make, shape, model or current condition is of no concern to us.
    • Scrap Car Removal – you can trust us for all kinds of scrap car removals, including scrap car removals for accident cars, unwanted cars, damaged cars, wrecked cars and many others.
    • Cash for Written off Cars – if you have a car that was written off for any reason, you can call us for instant cash offer on them. We buy all types of written off cars.
    • Cash for Scrap Cars – we offer cash for all kinds of scrap cars in Perth. As a wrecking facility, we use eco-friendly approaches to dismantle, salvage and get rid of the various parts of the scrap cars. We are conscious of the need to preserve our environment and none of our processes will ever put the environment at risk.

Big Bucks Car Removal Services Perth
Truck & Van Removal – you can trust us with all your truck and van removal needs in Perth. We remove all makes of trucks & vans, including Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, VW, Nissan and much more.

We are ready to offer you top dollars and make the experience a memorable one for you.


Simple Process to Follow

The process of our car removal services in Perth is very simple. It has been catered to make it a breeze for you when you need to sell your unwanted cars for top dollars and it is as follows:

  1. Contact & provide us with all the details regarding your car, including the current condition. This will enable us to make a cash quote on your car. You can also fill in the online quote form on our website.
  2. You have the right to accept or decline our cash offer. At Big Bucks Car Removal, we pay you Top Dollars up to $10,000 for all kinds of Unwanted Cars, Scrap Cars, Old Cars, Wrecked Cars, Damaged Cars, Salvaged Cars, Accident Cars, etc.
  3. You’ll receive a FREE Car Removal service from us once you accept our offer. Set an appointment with us based on the time, date and location of your convenience.
  4. Get paid instant cash – on the given date and time of the removal, we will show up with cash in hand, pay you and load the unwanted car on our tow truck and remove it!

You can sell your Sedan, Truck, Bus, Light Truck, 4×4, 4WD, Motorcycle, SUV, Ute, etc. We have the facilities to dismantle, wreck & recycle Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Holden, Honda, Audi, Mazda, Hyundai, Subaru, etc.

Contact Us

Call 0404 401 666.