How Can I Sell My Car Quickly For Cash?

If you live in Perth, selling your car for Quick Cash is as easy as a quick phone chat and a 30 -minute Car Removal process thanks to Big Bucks Car Removal. They have been providing their streamlined service to Perth residents for years now, and thanks to their reliable team, it’s no wonder that they’re now the leading Auto Wreckers in Perth. But how exactly does their Instant Cash for Cars process work? Keep reading to find out.

Call Big Bucks Car Removal for a Free Car Valuation

Give us a call and we’ll calculate an offer for you based on your car’s details including its condition, year of manufacture and make & model. You can take as long as you need to make your decision.

Book Your Free Car Removal Appointment

After agreeing to our industry competitive Cash for Cars offer, you can book your appointment with us. Wherever in Perth, your vehicle is located, and whenever you’d prefer to book us – we’ll be there.

Get Ready for Your Car’s Collection

Big Bucks Car Removal does all the heavy lifting, there are just a few simple things we’ll need you to do. First, get your proof of ownership and photo ID. We also recommend that you do one last search for valuables in your car. Your vehicle’s plates will need to be taken off of it, but we can do that for you.

Get Paid By Our Licensed Car Removal Team

After our team arrives, we’ll go through the paperwork (we provide it with all free of charge) and then pay you the sum promised over the phone or online.

Receive Your Free Car Collection Perth Service

Finally, after our speedy process, we’ll then tow your vehicle from its location. We can handle all types of vehicles, including trucks, vans, buses, construction machinery and scrap metal.

Get Quick Cash for Cars – Even If Your Vehicle Is Damaged

Not only does Big Bucks Car Removal offer a lightning-fast car sale process, but we also extend our service for all vehicle conditions, makes, models and types.

This means that you can get top dollar for your vehicle even if its an accident car, is damaged, old, no longer roadworthy or salvaged. We don’t turn away any vehicles and will see value in whatever vehicle is presented to us.

Get in touch with Big Bucks Car Removal today at 0415 388 879.