Some Amazing Tips To Save Money On Fuel

Finding yourself at the fuel station too often, filling up your car tank can be a frustrating experience. Fuel can be saved, keeping your vehicle’s fuel consumption at a minimum.

Here’s Big Bucks Car Removal Perth’s guide on how to save fuel – and money.

Be Economical Behind the Wheel

Before you start the engine and push hard on the accelerator, think economically and drive to save fuel. Don’t gun it, drive at a steady speed. When changing gears, change gears sensibly, and gear up practically. If your vehicle is an automatic transmission, once the vehicle has gained sufficient speed, ease back on the accelerator.

When driving on the freeway fuel consumption can be reduced up to 25 percent by taking 20 km/h off your speed, so slow down! If your vehicle is equipped with cruise control, use it. If you travel over 50 km/h, keep all windows of the vehicle up and use the ventilation system. If the transmission of your car has power and economy modes, use the economy mode as the transmission will upshift earlier. Also, use the AC of your vehicle sparingly as it does consume fuel.

Aside from saving gas, driving economically also helps to preserve the life of the vehicle’s brakes, tyres, and other mechanical parts.

Make Regular Maintenance & Service A Priority

Have your vehicle serviced regularly for its engine to be in top performance and for the preventative care it requires. Have the engine tuned regularly, keep all filters clean and in good shape, change the oil of the engine regularly, using the manufacturer’s recommended oil, and keep the fuel and ignition system in good shape.

Pay Attention to Your Tyres

The pressure of the tyres should be checked weekly when the tyres are cold. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended tyre pressure.

Wheel alignment needs to be balanced, and the brakes not dragging. If the vehicle is vibrating or pulling to one side, these are a sign of unbalanced wheels.

Check Your Load

Having your car packed to maximum load capacity will increase gas consumption. Take out anything you don’t need in the vehicle and lighten its load.

Second Vehicle

If you have two or more vehicles in the household, use the smallest one whenever possible. Smaller vehicles consume less fuel.

Use your car sparingly. Don’t run to the store for a pack of gum daily. Do your errands for the week and avoid the small trips here and there.

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