How Scrap Cars Get Recycled in Perth?

Scrap Car Recycling is a big industry in Perth, with many scrap car recyclers offering to buy old, scrap, damaged and wrecked cars for cash. Why would anyone want to buy a car that no longer runs, you ask? Well, scrap car buyers are in the business of wrecking and recycling scrap cars, turning the old, damaged or twisted metal into newly recycled materials. If you are keen to know more about the Scrap Car Recycling process, then read on to find out how to get your Scrap Cars Recycled in Perth.

Scrap Cars Recycled For Cash

How the Scrap Car Recycling Process Works?

Here’s a look at how the recycling process works at Big Bucks Car Removal:

  1.      You contact us for an instant FREE car valuation. We provide you with a quote over the phone.
  2.      If you like our offer, you can let us know and book your FREE car removal. We will come and collect the vehicle at the agreed time and pay the cash as promised.
  3.      We will bring the car to our wrecking yard, where our team will wreck the vehicle, pulling parts that can be reconditioned and sold as used car parts.
  4.      Scrap metals will then be recycled to give them a new lease of life.

Get No-Hassle Car Recycling

When it comes to car recycling, not all wreckers are the same. There are some vehicle recycling facilities that require you – the car seller – to get the car ready for recycling for them to accept the vehicle. For instance, some car wreckers require you to remove the tyres to make the wrecking and recycling easier for them.

At Big Bucks Car Removal, we do not require you to do anything to the vehicle. We are ready to buy your car as it is, whatever its condition. So, even if the car is badly damaged, with the doors barely hanging on, we will buy the car ‘as is.’ With us, car sellers in Perth are assured of a no-hassle Scrap Car Recycling process.

Get Free Towing Perth

Another advantage of selling to Big Bucks Car Removal is that, unlike some other wreckers who require you to drive the car over to them, we will come to you to collect the vehicle. So, if your car is in scrap condition and cannot be driven over, no problem at all! We will tow it away for free!

Eco-friendly Car Disposals

It is important that you sell your old or scrap car to an eco-friendly scrap car recycler to ensure the environment is not damaged in the recycling process. Big Bucks Car Removal is a green car recycler. We believe that it is each of our responsibility to do our best to keep the environment clean and green and we do this by offering eco-friendly car recycling.

  •         We reuse, recycle and resell as much of the car as possible to minimise wastage.
  •         We follow eco-friendly practices and safety measures to ensure fluids and other non-reusable materials are disposed of in a safe manner.

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