The Pitfalls of Trying to Sell Your Car on Gumtree

A fast car sale is what most car sellers are looking for. This hunt for a quick sale sometimes leads them to online buying and selling websites such as Gumtree. But, unfortunately, selling an item on Gumtree is not a very safe option. Big Bucks Car Removal explains why you should avoid selling your car on Gumtree. Here they are sharing some pitfalls of trying to sell your car on Gumtree.

Selling Your Car on Gumtree

Why Selling Your Car on Gumtree Is A Bad Idea?

  • Sharing Your Contact Details Is Not Safe

If you do put your vehicle for sale on Gumtree, do not use your personal email address and contact information. You will likely end up having to close the account due to daily spam advertising and calls from less than desirable people. Create a new email address and use it exclusively for the purpose of advertising and selling your car. Once you get the vehicle sold, you can shut it down.

  • There Are Safety Concerns

There have been news stories of people meeting up with potential buyers, only to then get attacked at gun point and have their stuff stolen. Safety is of the utmost importance. There are criminals on Gumtree just as anywhere else. Many look for people to steal their goods for sale or harm the person. It is essential that you do not invite people to your home to view your vehicle. Arrange for a meeting in a public place, during day time. Do not share your personal details. Also, take a friend with you and have your cell phone handy to access it easily if needed.

  • Too Much Time Wasted

It takes time to find a buyer. Unless your vehicle is a high demand vehicle and priced low, it likely won’t get sold quickly. You’ll probably have weeks of calls, and meeting with potential buyers, half of whom are not serious about the sale. If selling on Gumtree, be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort into getting your car sold.

  • You Need to Take Care of The Legalities of The Sale

You will need a bill of sale and title transfer. Check the state laws and know what is expected from you, the seller, when you sell your vehicle. Since you are dealing with a personal sale, all the paperwork must be completed by you to ensure a complete and legal car sale, with no room for future complications.

Selling Your Car on Gumtree needs to be well considered before placing the vehicle for sale. Safety is an issue, just as spam, legality of the sale and time are. Taking all precautions is essential.

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