About Us

Big Bucks Removal is a Car Removal company dedicated to offering quality, dependable and fast car removal services in Perth. We are a Cash for Car company dedicating to making the process of car removal as simple as possible to our customers so that they may have it easy every time they need to sell an old car or old truck in Perth.

Unlike most companies in this field, we are in no business of taking car owners in circles or undercutting them when it comes to the value of their cars. We believe in absolute honesty and as such, we will always pay you exactly what your car is worth. We have in place a team of experienced car appraisers who will determine the value of your car, based on which, we will make you a cash quote.

We Offer Big Bucks For Your Car

Big Bucks Car Removal Cash for Cars Perth

Big Bucks Car Removal is not your ordinary scrap metal company. In fact, we don’t deal in scrap metal, as most people have the idea of car removal companies. We are an authentic car removal company with the mandate to offer a variety of car removal services. We focus mainly on car owners who have old, wrecked, damaged, scrap or unwanted cars that aren’t roadworthy or have become too costly to operate & maintain.

We present an excellent opportunity for such car owners to sell their cars “As Is” to us. With our services, we don’t bother about the condition, make or model of your car and as long as you are willing to sell it, we will always be willing to buy it from you.

One main reason why you should be selling your car to us is because we will be offering you big bucks on a car you may have probably thought had no value at all. Therefore, you should never hesitate to call us each time you have an old car or one whose operation and maintenance cost have gone on top of the roof.

Eco-Friendly Car Recycling In Perth

For instance, there is always demand for car parts and one of the things we do is to dismantle the cars, salvage the parts, or recycle and recondition them for other applications. The metal is recycled into new steel and can be used for different things. Our recycling is done at the own yard which is fully equipped with tools & equipment to perform eco-friendly wrecking & recycling.

Always Keen To Serve Your Interests

Whenever one is searching for car removal services in Perth, they normally have 2 major interests:

  1. Get top dollars for their cars
  2. Have a smooth removal experience

If you want a car removal company in Perth where you can find both, then you have every reason to deal with Big Bucks Car Removal. We have mastered the art of putting a smile on the face of our customers and we won’t hesitate to serve our best services to you.


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