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At Big Bucks Car Removal Perth, we pay big bucks up to $10,000 for Sedans, Utes, SUVs, Trucks, etc. and offer Free Car Removals Perth wide.

If you want a car removal company willing to pay you top dollars for your old car in Perth, then we’re the one to call!

Do you have a Scrap Car? Call 0404 401 666

When you sell your Used, Old or Salvaged Car, you receive:

  • Instant Cash For Car Removal Perth wide offers
  • Free Car Removals Perth Wide
  • Free paperwork
  • Scrap Car Removals

As a reputable & a reliable Car Removal company, we have mastered the art of customer satisfaction when it comes to buying Used & Old Cars and with our removal services, you can rest assured that we have your interests at heart and you will find nothing but the very best services with us.

Don’t Settle for Less! Get Big Bucks for Any Make & Condition of Car or Truck with Us

At Big Bucks Car Removal Perth, we are the premium way to sell cars & trucks. Why? Because as our name implies, we pay big bucks for any car or truck! That means you get our best or highest Cash For Car Removal offer for your car or truck of any make and condition. We buy them all, and we love living up to our name, putting big bucks into the hands of our customers for selling their cars to us. When you want a quick sale, quick Cash For Car Removal Perth wide, Big Bucks Car Removal Perth is the one that will make it all happen for you!

Big Bucks Car Removal Perth

Once you accept our Cash For Car Removal quote for your car or truck, expect your Cash For Car offer to be on its way. We are fast to put Cash For Car into our customers’ hands when they decide that they would like to sell their cars to us. With us, you have a free Car Removals Perth wide that is scheduled once you accept our Cash For Car offer for your car or truck. We are your car buyer that buys your car by coming to your location at a time that fits your schedule. So, let us know when you would like us there to buy & remove your car, and we will be there. No delayed payments, no haggling over price, with us, you get top dollars and an easy sale.

Get over and above Your Insurance Cheque for Your Accident Car – Sell It to Us

So, you have the cheque from your insurance company for the claim for your accident car, and the insurance company has left the car in your hands. What can you do with it? Get more Cash For Cars Perth wide, of course! Selling it to Big Bucks Car Removal Perth is your way to greater Cash For Cars. We buy accident cars of every make and condition, paying our customer’s top dollars! As a rule of thumb, we ask that car owners don’t risk selling their cars to us until they have received an insurance cheque from their insurance provider and they have agreed to leave the car in your hands.

Instant Cash For Car Removal Perth Wide in Any Condition

Are you worried that your car is too old or it belongs to a model no longer in production and you are left with no potential customers to buy your car? If you want to get rid of your Unwanted, Scrap Car within 24 hours and receive big bucks at the same time, then we’ll buy it from you! At Big Bucks Car Removal Perth, we buy all types of cars in all conditions.

The make, the model or the fact that the car hasn’t started for years is of no concern to us. If you are willing to sell it, then we are willing to buy it! We will be delighted to make you an irresistible Cash For Car offer on it, in addition to giving you a smooth car removal experience, which includes:

  • Cash For Cars Perth Wide
  • Cash for Trucks
  • Cash for Utes
  • Cash for Scrap Cars
  • Cash for 4WDs
  • Cash for SUVs
  • Cash for Used Cars
  • Cash for Vans
  • Cash for Accident Cars and much more

How It Works

Selling your car to us is easy. You have an Internet connection and likely a landline or cell phone. Use either to contact us for a quote. We provide quotes over the phone and online.

  1. Have the make, model, year, and a complete description of your car over the phone or online. With the mere details of your car or truck, we’ll make you a Cash For Car Removal offer (and, one that can be collected today.)
  2. Accept or reject our offer or think it over.
  3. Schedule a free car removal anywhere in Perth at a time that works for you. Our removals are always free to our local customers.

With us, you have a buyer that is a genuine car buyer, paying you top cash for your car of any make and condition. Why settle for less when you can get BIG BUCKS for your unwanted car?

Call 0415 388 879

We offer service in other Major cities across the globe. In Canada, Vancouver Mega cash for cars offers top car removal service across Vancouver BC.

Sell your Unwanted Car today









At Big Bucks Car Removal, you receive great quality of work from our experienced & expert technicians.

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Get Big Bucks up to $10,000

Your car may be old and not in operable condition, buy it still has some great value to us & we will be willing to pay up to $10,000 for it. Big Bucks Car Removal is the place you go to when you need top dollars for your cars in any conditions, models or makes.

Unlike other car removal companies who can attach the least value to your car, we have expert auto appraisers who will determine the correct value of your car and based on this we will offer the cash quote to you.

This means when you remove your car with us, we will be giving you a cash offer commensurate to the actual value of your car. This is how we manage to offer top dollars for old Trucks, SUVs, Utes, Sedans, 4WDs & vans.

Why Choose Us?

  • We work hard to provide faster services to all our customers located in Perth
  • Pay top dollars for any cars & in any conditions
  • Free Car Removal service, all the time
  • Appointment fixed by you based on the time, date & location of your convenience
  • Own wrecking yard where we perform eco-friendly Dismantling, Wrecking & Recycling
Big Bucks Car Removal Perth


  • Jonathan T

    Without the help of Big Bucks Car Removal, I didn’t know how to get rid of my Mitsubishi Magna Executive. I was meaning to sell it from a long time. But with the mileage covered, dents and frequent servicing, no one wanted to buy it. I didn’t want to get it fixed either. Big Bucks came and bought it from me, that too, offering me cash amount that really impressed me. In fact, their professionalism and their service were highly recommendable. This review is a small token of what they have done for me. Thanks heaps!

  • Abruzzi J

    I was planning to sell my Ute and buy a new one instead but failed as there were no customers willing to buy my ‘Machine’. Main reason being it needed to get towed. I contacted Big Bucks and guess what? They came, saw, paid and towed- all within 24 hours. I am so relieved now! With good cash in my pocket, I can save some from my budget. Thanks, mate!